Fitness Programs for Soccer Players

Fitness a single factor, which can determine the gap between winning and losing soccer matches. A team that is physically fit can play the matches with minimum risks of injuries. The players can communicate better with each other and score winning goals. Tackling the opponents and passing the ball at critical times become simple procedures. I have been coaching my young and energetic teams for the past several years and I do understand the importance of fitness in every aspect of sports life.

Nervous Fitness

I still remember the earliest days of my own training, when I used to be nervous before every session. The intensity used to be so high, that my hands and legs often shook while taking control of the soccer ball. I could hardly focus on the goal because of physical weakness. My coach always observed me closely.

Foods and Workouts

One large cup of guava juice early in the morning followed by four eggs and a veggie salad was my breakfast. I had to have them before starting my workouts. My coach insisted that I go swimming for about an hour. Then I had to work on dumbbells and speed jump rope. Then he put me onto soccer training session until late afternoon. Fish and lean meat was the standard formula for lunch.

Post lunch training was full of drills for dribbling, attack, ball control, shooting, and passing. Every evening we had team meeting sessions. The coach gave suggestions for correcting our mistakes and improvising on our strengths.

Field workouts were the most important aspects of our training. I often started at one end of the field and sprint to the opposite end. In the beginning, my coach was liberal with the timing. He became strict with it after a few weeks. At one point, I was asked to cover the field in 15 seconds and return. That meant I had to come back to the starting point within 30 seconds. That was tough.

Whole grain bread, chicken breast, and broccoli were the standard recipe for supper. Our coach often gave us the freedom to eat lean meat, dinner rolls, and spaghetti. Alcohol and smoking were completely banned for the entire training period. Of course, I had no problem with the ban on smoking, because I never did that. However, life without beer often made me sick. I soon found out many of my team members had the same problem. But we got our mind and body conditioned within a few weeks of training.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation were an integral part of our fitness training. Mindful breathing, emotional balancing, Yoga postures, and meditation gave me the patience and persistence that I always lacked. I got the opportunity to improve my focus and concentration during the training. My nervousness started reducing and ultimately I was able to go through my training without any anxiety and stress.

Passing the Gift

Once I got over nervousness, physical fitness and agility came naturally to me. Today, I am grateful to my coach for enabling to pass on the gifts to my trainees. I shall share more of my experiences with you in my next articles.

What Gets To Inspire Soccer Players

Soccer is very much a contact sport and even with the emergence of the all-female teams; it very much remains an all-male game.  Over the years, there have been some truly inspirational plays done on the field and during different tournaments too. Thus, it is only natural that folks get to try to understand what inspires players and teams as a whole. At the end of the day, the players are but human flesh and blood who have weaknesses like anyone else and the strengths too.

After having analyzed many a game and playing style, it has emerged that there is a set pattern to how the game is played and an effort is being made to better understand the mentality of the soccer player on the fields and off it as well.


Inspirational figures

When someone who has at least heard of the game of soccer is told to mention an all-time player, the first answer that they get is Pele.  Such was the domination that the player had over the game in the old days and often treated as the golden days of soccer. Many of the contemporary players tend to look up to the star to condition themselves and to better play the game of soccer on the field as well.

There are a lot of instances when a non-soccer player can turn to be an inspiration to the players. The instances are many.  In fact, the many come back players have been inspired by some of the true greats in the fields of politics and public life.


The role of corporate bodies

Most of the soccer teams of the present generation are but sponsored or actively promoted by some corporate body or the other. These companies, in turn, get to build strong brands around their soccer teams most of the time as well. Thus it is a win-win position both for the corporate bodies and the teams that they do sponsor on the field.

It is a fact that unless the corporate bodies hadn’t involved themselves so actively in sports and more specifically in soccer, the progress of the game would not have come till the space it has now.


The use of cult figures

Cult figures are always a top draw when it comes to any manner of sports.  One of the main events in soccer games is the creation of cult figures and this tends to apply to all levels of the games as such.  The corporates too are also involved in the creation of cult figures as well as has been seen in the past. There is a certain draw power for the cult figures when a big game comes to pass or is played out on the field.



Getting to be an inspiration for a whole lot of sports followers, like Pele is not so simple. But the ordinary folks have come to influence the game and the players in some form or the other and with good effect too.  There are the corporate bodies that tend to bring in the money as well as the much-needed inspiration as well.