Training for the Youth Soccer Sport

Team spirit plays a vital role in motivating the players to perform. Every individual player seeks appreciation for performing well. He also needs someone to solace him when his performance is below the team expectations.

The psychological condition of the players always needs to be at the highest levels. A coach can be the motivating and elevating factor, as a catalyst in a chemical process. I have experienced the highs and lows of playing in youth soccer. So, let me begin with how to motivate the players during training sessions.

Inspiration as Energizing Factor

A newbie in the training program starts with plenty of enthusiasm and energy. He may lose the steam on the midway if he fails to get inspiration from the coach. So, the only way is to track his performance and counsel him regularly. The coach need not be always behind the player while training. He can assign the task of mentoring to a senior player.

The interaction between the senior and junior players could be more personal and open. The senior can suggest the various playing rules, methods, and tricks to the junior using practical sessions. After spending about a week’s time with the seniors, the newbie can interact with the coach.

He can also spend more time with his team on the field. The team members can challenge him to perform to his best levels. In the beginning, he may hesitate to play freely. However, he can come out of his shell and start playing to his true potential very soon.

Youth Soccer Training

Physical fitness is a critical factor for flexibility, agility, speed, and accuracy. The players can stay free from injuries and neuromuscular problems when their fitness levels are high. So, the coach needs to train them on walking, jogging, sprint running, and marathon racing. The exercises enhance cardiovascular and muscular strength at peak levels.

According to youth soccer coaches, swimming and cycling can extend the endurance and flexibility limits of the soccer players’ muscles and limbs. They can learn the art of ball and opponent tackling much faster and better.

I have seen youth soccer players indulging in weight training to improve their muscles. It is one way of developing strength and stability. But you should be aware of the type of weight training.  Your muscles should be strong and lean. But they don’t need to be like a bodybuilder. So, you have to focus on the duration and intensity of training.

Lightweight training with dumbbells, barbells, and bodyweight will be sufficient to keep your muscles strong and agile.

Youth Soccer Diet Plan

My suggestion is to start your day with one liter of pure mineral water. Eat plenty of veggies for breakfast with brown bread. You may also add salmon and catfish to the salad. They give you plenty of energy and proteins.

Choose lean meat, poultry, and pork for your lunch and supper. Use coconut oil or almond oil for frying. Consume plenty of water and veggie juices during the day.


What I have shared with you is a brief overview of the youth soccer training and diet plans. Keep reading my blogs to learn more.

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