Youth Soccer Team Spirit

Team spirit is a great asset of the youth soccer team. I have experienced the practical results during my high school and college day sporting days. Ranking among the high school teams was a matter of great prestige for us. So, our coach always insisted on team unity right from the days of training days. It helped in planning the positioning of the defenders, midfielders, forwards, and the others according to a specific strategy.

Our coach always insisted on frequent ball passing between the players to keep the opponents in a state of disarray. None of the players was in possession of the ball for more than one minute. We had planned an accurate strategy much before the start of the match. The techniques worked so well that, we ended up with the maximum goals in almost every match.

American Soccer Principles


I had the word “sacrifice” many times during the initial days of training. But it made no sense to me until I started team training. Our coach always said that we have to keep our personal interest way behind the team. For example, all of us had the desire to score the maximum number of goals in each match. We often competed with each other in doing it. Many times it proved to be a setback for our team during important matches.

Our coach must have observed the trend among us for a long time. One fine day, he called for a training session in which our team was split into two halves. He asked us to compete with each other. There, he started guiding us on how to pass the ball to the others in the line until it reached the final player nearer to the opponent’s goal.

It made all of us irritated because we could not get the opportunities to score as frequently as before. Our coach seemed to sense our thoughts. He started to replace the position of each player after every 2 two or three training sessions. So, we realized that every player gets many chances to score goals. So, our confidence levels started soaring with each match.


Our coach emphasized much on the need for perfect coordination. He said the players should be like the eyes, hands, legs, and the mind of a professional soccer player. The reflexive action from each player from the defensive to the offensive positions should work like one body. He tried hard to induce that discipline in each player and the team as a whole.


Practice can condition the entire team into playing like an individual player. We practiced the principle so hard that we could get it within a month or so. Winning became entertainment and fun after we started implementing the methods.

Our opponents often got surprises and shocks from our on-field performances. They could not understand how sharply and quickly we reacted to any of their changes in the playing strategies. Even I have wondered how our thoughts and actions could synchronize with each other so well and sharply.


The soccer coach can play an important role in molding the team members into a solid structure, which can soon become a winning machine.

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